Dinosaur Coast Management Plan

About the Project

Our aspiration is, in partnership with Key Stakeholders, to produce a Dinosaur Coast Management Plan that will ensure the National Heritage Values of the dinosaur tracks and Broome Sandstone as described in The West Kimberley place are protected for future generations.

Sarah Taylor-Fuller has taken on the job of Project Manager and the Dinosaur Coast Management Group Committee have resolved to appoint Stephanie Johnstone & Associates and Neale Draper & Associates Pty Ltd as the Heritage consultants to prepare the plan.

The intention is that the Management Plan will provide:

  • Clarity on the tourism pressures and the capacity of the location to absorb current and potential visitors without adverse impacts on the National Heritage Values
  • Identify best practice interpretation that could enhance the understanding and enjoyment of the location in a way that is culturally appropriate 
  • Provide advice and training on the best practice management and (where able and necessary) conservation processes 
  • Direct how the conditions that represent the National Heritage Values can be monitored and reported on 
  • Identify what research, induction and staff training will be required by the managing agency(ies) 
  • Establish what financial resources will be required by the managing agency(ies) to improve the recognition and management of National Heritage Values 
  • Provide advice on the current or potential development pressures and possible impact on the National Heritage Values 
  • Clarify community and stakeholder expectation for the locations and how these can be met, and
  • Identify who will be responsible for implementation and the timeframe for implementation.

Direct enquiries to info@dinosaurcoast.org.au

Updated 30 September 2021.

Project Updates

We’ll keep you up-to-date with what is happening with this project by posting here.

Major Sponsor

The Dinosaur Coast Management Plan received grant funding from the Australian Government