Dinosaur Coast Management Plan

Broome’s dinosaur tracks are Nationally Significant

In 2011 the West Kimberley was inscribed as a place on the National Heritage List. The Dampier Coast dinosaur tracks and associated ichnofossils of the Broome Sandstone located within the intertidal area are included in this listing.

The best and most extensive evidence of dinosaurs from the western half of the continent, some of which are unknown from body fossils; for the diversity and exceptional sizes of the sauropod prints; and the unique census of the dinosaur community that they provide.

Extract pertaining to the Criterion B Rarity

Dampier Coast Cretaceous Landscape

The dinosaur tracks and associated ichnofossils, plant macrofossils and Cretaceous depositional environments of the Broome Sandstone exposed in the intertidal zone of the Dampier Coast have outstanding heritage value to the nation under criterion (d) for preserving snapshots of the ecology of the Mesozoic.

Extract pertaining to Criterion D Characteristic Ecology, biogeography and evolution
West Kimberley Place Location Map
West Kimberley Place Location Map – View PDF

A Management Plan is being prepared 

DCMG Committee in a Sunday workshop with the consultants Stephanie Johnstone of Stephanie Johnstone & Associates and Neale Draper of Neale Draper and Associates, while Andrew Maland connected remotely. Photo by Damien Kelly.

The Dinosaur Coast Management Group Inc obtained an Australian Heritage Grant to develop a Dinosaur Coast Heritage Management Plan. A Steering Group is providing direction and working collaboratively to deliver a plan which aligns to all the land managers and land owners responsibilities/business models.

Land managers and land owners:

  • Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment – Heritage
    Responsible for managing Australia’s iconic national parks, historic places and living landscapes.
  • Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (WA)
    Joint management partner for the Yawuru Conservation Estate. 
  • Dinosaur Coast Management Group Inc (Chair)
    A not-for-profit organisation formed to protect and promote the dinosaur tracks of the Dampier Peninsula and to educate the public about their cultural and scientific importance.
  • Goolarabooloo/Millibinyarri Indigenous Corporation
    Aboriginal knowledge holders. 
  • Kimberley Ports Authority
    Manages the Port of Broome which is the principal deep-water port servicing the Kimberley region. 
  • Nyamba Buru Yawuru
    Representing Registered Native Title holders and joint management partner for the Yawuru Conservation estate. 
  • Shire of Broome
    Local government and joint management partner for Yawuru Minyirr Buru Conservation Park.
  • Associate Professor Steve Salisbury 
    School of Biological Sciences (Palaeontology), University of Queensland and lead scientist.

Why is this important?

More and more people want to see the tracks. The tracks are fragile and are within a dynamic tidal environment so how can this increased interest happen yet do no damage?

Who is going to be responsible for the ongoing management of the tracks? How will this occur? Are there enough resources to do the job properly? 

What training is needed for rangers, tour operators, land managers? How will the tracks be monitored? What sort of interpretation should be provided and where? 

And how will all this be done in a culturally appropriate way? 

The Dinosaur Coast Heritage Management Plan 2022 will provide answers for some of these questions and put in place an ongoing process for the delivery of management initiatives and improvements.

What stage is it at?

It has been a busy few months as Steering Group members became familiar with the scope and purpose of the work and reviewed the first round of mapping. As happens in the early stages of these projects there were more questions than answers.

The consultants and DCMG project manager Sarah Taylor- Fuller, in addition to regularly discussing details with Steering Group members. Key stakeholders in the tourism, business and environment sector are also being consulted. 

There are also very important discussions continuing with the knowledge holders of the Aboriginal Registered Heritage Sites that are within or intersect with the plan area. Their advice and direction is extremely important.

The aspiration is to have a draft final report ready for the Broome community and formal Agency review by the third quarter of 2022 … dinosaurs willing.

Where can I learn more?

Contact info@dinosaurcoast.org.au

Major Sponsor

The Dinosaur Coast Management Plan received grant funding from the Australian Government

Updated 11 May 2022.