Dinosaur things to do in Broome

 If you want to prepare yourself for some exploring on the beaches of Broome here’s some things you can do:

Look at some real tracks in comfort: Two actual theropod tracks are on display in the Broome Museum’s main building, just after you enter. One was found by a landscaper and the other was cut out from a rock platform. A person was criminally charged for this in the 1990s.

Interested in seeing some casts? The Broome Library has three hanging on its walls. They were taken from real Dinosaur Coast tracks.

Hunt for Broome’s only dinosaur ‘fossil’: Go to Hin Park on the corner of Hin Way and Sariago Terrace, Waranyjarri. The ‘fossil’ is in the water/sand playground. Take a brush.

Read more about the Dinosaur Coast?  The Broome Library has lots of articles and books.

Before you go out tracking, make sure you check out the Sites and Tracks page on this website and the Dinosaur Coast Information Brochure.