Dinosaur Trackers at work (c) DCMG


  • Become a DCMG member and enjoy member only field trips and the opportunity to work with the scientists when they are in Broome doing research.
  • Link up with like-minded people through the DCMG Facebook page.
  • If you find what you think are ’new’ tracks or a ‘new’ tracksite, contact DCMG as soon as possible via email and let us know. We’ll make plans to make sure your find is checked out and, if necessary, documented and protected.
  • If you are not sure whether you have found a print, take a photo and email it to dinosaurcmg@gmail.com where it will be identified.
  • Take part in Community Science Projects in Broome. If interested send an email to dinosaurcmg@gmail.com
  • Remember to stay safe when you’re out dinosaur tracking!