Easily damaged Sauropod tracks (c) Dianne Bennett


Broome has 130-million-year old dinosaur tracks in the intertidal zone of our coastline. There are three things you can do to ensure they remain here for future generations:

  1. Do not remove sand from the tracks
  2. Do not step in or on the edges of the tracks
  3. Do not drive over the tracks

As everyone knows, sometimes the tracks are underwater, covered by the tide.  At other times the tracks are hidden or partially hidden by sand. These are naturally occurring coastal processes. If you find your favourite tracks are deep under sand, leave them there and have a look along another section of the beach – you may find tracks you have not seen before

Occasionally you may find a small team of DCMG volunteers/scientists cleaning and drying tracks. This is done ONLY when the tracks are being documented for the scientific purposes. Repeated cleaning out sand wears away the tracks.

Note: If you see any suspicious activity, such as people trying to remove tracks, immediately ring the Broome Police on 08 9194 0200 and alert the DCMG on 0400 769 019