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Track Locations

Explore the best locations to find dinosaur tracks.

Track Guide

Use our App to help identify possible tracks you find.

There’s a range of information and local dinosaur related things to do in and around Broome.

To prepare yourself for exploring the beaches of the Dinosaur Coast, make sure to check out ‘Tracks and Sites‘, install the ‘Dinosaur Coast Track Guide‘ app and download the ‘Dinosaur Coast Information Brochure‘.

Check out our Visit page for a list of Dinosaur Coast tours available.

DCMG also offer school excursions.

Learn about the Dinosaur Coast

Like to learn all about the Dinosaur Coast and everything Broome Dinosaurs? Here are some places to visits and groups to join:

Found Something New?

If you find what you think are ’new’ tracks or a ‘new’ tracksite please photograph and email your discoveries to DCMG. We’ll make sure your find is checked out and, if necessary, documented and protected.

Join us as a

DCMG Member

enjoy member-only field trips and the opportunity to work with the scientists when they are in Broome doing research.


Dinosaur Tracker

Use this to help identify dinosaur tracks while exploring along the Dinosaur Coast. This App is not a track locator and hasn’t got any GPS functionality. 

Visit the

Dinosaur Coast Display

Come and see replicas of Dinosaur Coast tracks, videos and displays. Look at a real Theropod track that was illegally cut out from a rock platform in the 1990s, and for which the thief was criminally charged. Stand next to a life size image of arguably the world’s largest sauropod print.

Hunt For

Broome’s only Dinosaur ‘Fossil’

Go to Hin Park on the corner of Hin Way and Sariago Terrace, Waranyjarri. The ‘fossil’ is in the water/sand playground. Take a paint brush to uncover the fossil.


learn more?

The Broome Library has replicas of three different types of tracks hanging on its walls. The Broome Library also has a lot of articles and books featuring the Dinosaur Coast.