School Excursions

Book a school excursion to the dinosaur tracks in Broome.

DCMG volunteers can take school-aged children on excursions to learn more about the dinosaurs that have left tracks along the Dinosaur Coast.

DCMG volunteers can assist with pre-excursion instruction at the school on types of dinosaurs, tracks and relevant details.

Excursions usually last approximately 1 hour. Duration will vary depending on the number and age of children. Minimum number = 10 and maximum number = 20.

Dinosaur Coast Excursions

Kindy and Pre Primary Field Excursion

  • Age Group: Kindergarten and Pre-primary.
  • Fee Payable: $5 per student and $5 per accompanying adult who is not a teacher. (Teachers are free).

School Field Excursion

  • Age Group: Year 1 and above.
  • Fee Payable: $10 per student and $10 per accompanying adult who is not a teacher. (Teachers are free).

Visit to the Dinosaur Coast Interpretive Display

  • Fee Payable: $5 per student. Accompanying teacher and parents are requested to make a gold coin donation to the Broome Museum on entry.

In School Visit to a Classroom

  • Fee Payable: $5 per student.

What do we do if we want to book a School Field Excursion?

  1. First read ALL the Frequently Asked Questions below!
  2. Complete the School Excursion Enquiry Form online or download the PDF and send by email to
  3. DCMG replies and advises if the date and time is OK or offers alternatives and forwards a partially filled in Excursion Booking Form.
  4. You then complete and return the Excursion Booking Form.
  5. At least two weeks before the excursion DCMG sends a School Excursion outline and invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Dinosaur Coast excursion take?

Approximately 1 hour depending on level of interest and number/age of children.

How much does a Dinosaur Coast excursion cost?

Costs for our excursions can be found here.

Where does a Dinosaur Coast excursion go?

A beach near Broome usually within a 15 minute drive from town.

What happens on a Dinosaur Coast excursion?

You’ll be walking for up to one kilometre on sand and exploring wet rock platforms. Literally walking in the footsteps of dinosaurs!

How do we get there?

You will need to arrange your own transport. Let us know whether the vehicle you are using can go on an unsealed road or not.

Where do we meet?

This will be confirmed just before the excursion date. Some dinosaur track sites are accessed via made roads others are off dirt roads.

Someone has Special Needs

If so, let us know what these are and we‘ll shape the excursion accordingly.

What are the main health and safety requirements?

Ensure everyone wears a hat, is carrying sufficient water and wearing closed shoes suitable for walking on rocks/through water. The school will be responsible for any emergency first aid events.

Are you taking Photos?

DCMG assume by taking part in the excursion permission is given for photos to be taken and used us to advertise our activities, this may also include posting on Facebook.

Tips from DCMG

If you are doing pre excursion learning at the school check out our website and our Information Flyer  and our App which can be found at

School Excursion Enquiry Form

Book a School Excursion

To make a booking, please download, complete and send us the excursion booking form.