Worlds largest dinosaur footprint

The ABC has run a number of radio and TV stories about the Dinosaur Coast which include some great images. They are listed in date order. Click on the title to view the story.

Worlds largest dinosaur footprint
Photo supplied by Steve Salisbury

Richard Hunter lies next to a 1.7m dinosaur footprint belonging to a sauropod.

27/3/2017   Posted on the ABC website. World’s biggest dinosaur footprints found in north-western Australia.

22/3/2017   Posted on the ABC website. WA’s dinosaur coast: Bid to protect Broome’s ancient footprints after maps published

21/3/2017   Broadcast on the ABC 7 30 Report. Unknown dinosaur collection brought to life.

17/3/2017    Posted on the ABC website.  Dinosaur footprints could stymie Broome marina site chosen after decades of discussion.

6/9/2016     Posted on the ABC website.   Dinosaur footprints found among tourists and fishermen on Broome’s Cable Beach.

4/10/2012   Shown on ABC Catalyst.   Kimberley Dinosaurs