Yiyili Community School on a dinosaur excursion (c) DCMG

Organised Excursions For School Aged Children

The Dinosaur Coast Management Group Inc. (DCMG) is a not for profit organisation set up to protect and promote the dinosaur tracks of the Dampier Peninsula and to educate the public about their cultural and scientific importance. Members (all volunteers) are available to take school aged children on excursions to learn more about the dinosaurs that have left tracks along the Dinosaur Coast.

The dinosaur tracks are located within the intertidal zone i.e. between the high and low tide mark. Date and time of excursions have to coincide with a low tide (maximum 2.5 metres) when we know a number of rock platforms are exposed. Frequently the low tides are early morning or late afternoon so of course, there needs to be enough light to see the tracks. When planning an excursion we try to schedule everything so we are on the beach where the tracks are at low tide so there is plenty of time to look at everything.


Everything is dependent on the tide being low enough to view tracks

In addition to considering tide and light we also have to allow for the movement of sand. How and when it moves we cannot predict (we do not dig to expose tracks to ensure they are not unnecessarily damaged). Closer to the date of the excursion we check out locations and then confirm with you which site we will be able to see, what the excursion will entail and where the meeting place is.



Excursions usually last 1.5 to 2 hrs. Length will vary, depending on the level of interest and number/age of children.



$10/participant. Minimum number = 10, maximum number = 40. Teachers are free.


Things To Consider

  • Paths to many beaches are informal and require a reasonable level of fitness – sometimes this includes climbing down the pindan cliffs and walking on soft sand for a distance of up to 500m.
  • Tracks are located in rock platforms often within a rocky section of the beach.
  • Rock formations are sharp and slippery. A reasonable level of fitness is required to safely negotiate these. Appropriate closed footwear should be worn by all participants.

It is assumed that there will be some pre excursion learning at the school, and we are happy to assist re types of dinosaur and relevant details.

Further details can also be found on the Sites and Tracks page of this website.

For more information and to make a booking please download the BOOKING REQUEST FORM. Complete the form and email it to DCMG.


Did You Know?

  • Broome is one of the few places in the world where there is a strong link between dinosaur tracks and Indigenous creation stories
  • Broome is the only place in Australia that has sauropod tracks
  • Broome is the only place in Australia that has confirmed stegosaur and ankylosaur tracks
  • Broome provides our only detailed look at Australia’s dinosaur fauna during the first part of the Lower Cretaceous Epoch (~130 million years)
  • Broome dinosaur tracks are the most diverse and numerous in Australia and unparalleled globally