Discover the Dinosaur Coast in the Kimberley region of Western Australia

The Dinosaur Coast follows the coastline from Broome and Roebuck Bay north to Cape Leveque at the tip of the Dampier Peninsula, in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Self-Guided Tour

To prepare yourself for exploring the beaches of the Dinosaur Coast make sure to check out the ‘Tracks and Sites‘ page, install the ‘Dinosaur Coast Track Guide‘ app and download the ‘Dinosaur Coast Information Brochure‘. 

Please Note

Due to tides and sand movement, as well as cultural reasons we do not provide GPS or track maps detailing track locations. The ‘Dinosaur Track Guide App’ and ‘Information Brochure’ have general location information and tips on how to identify a track.

Be Aware of Tides

Please be aware that Kimberley coastal locations experience large tidal movements. Most track locations need a tide of less than 2.4 metres for tracks to be visible. View the latest tide information via the Broome Visitor Centre website, or if you’re planning to visit the Dinosaur tracks at Cable Beach, view the tide in real time from the Broome Cam.

How to get to Broome

  • Fly – Direct flights are available from Perth twice daily year round. And, during May to October direct flights are also available from most Australian capital cities.
  • Drive – From Perth, it is a distance of 2,200kms (one-way) and there are plenty of great stop off points. Some travellers suggest getting there as quickly as possible, while others suggest that you take your time and enjoy the ride. There are also equally as beautiful drives coming from Darwin in the Northern Territory a distance of over 1,800kms (one-way).
  • Cruise – Follow the West Australian coastline into Broome from Perth or Darwin.

Dinosaur Coast Tours

Like to be shown the tracks by a local guide? Book a tour to discover the history, cultural and scientific significance of the track sites around the Dampier Peninsular.

Disclaimer: While this website lists the Broome tour operators known to offer a dinosaur track experience, the DCMG takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.

Mabu Buru

A Broome experience that will open your eyes to our Country and the world of the Yawuru people.

Broome Hovercraft Tours

Broome Hovercraft

See some very old and perfectly preserved dinosaur tracks in rock on the beach, which once was an ancient planal forest floor.

Broome Dinosaur Experience

Broome Dinosaur Experience

Come and walk with dinosaurs on one of Broome’s beaches. Stand next to where a giant Sauropod or carnivorous Theropod stood 130 million years ago.

Travel and Accommodation Information

For further travel and accommodation information please visit the Broome Visitors Centre.