Wow what a year ……

Thanks to our sponsors, Lotterywest, Shire of Broome and EDL, the news about Broome’s dinosaur tracks is spreading through WA and beyond. We now have an App, a new Museum display, a new website and lots and lots of images of our dinosaurs.

Without our sponsors help we could not have done it.

Lots of people are using our Dinosaur Track Guide App as they enjoy our iconic beaches to walk in the 130-million-year-old footprints of dinosaurs. Even if you can’t get to the beach the App has lots of images and information about Broome’s trackmakers.

COVID-19 has meant that visitors beyond WA can’t get up this way, but everyone can have a virtual experience of what the coastline looked like when the dinosaurs roamed through our website.

The bigger Dinosaur Coast Interpretive Display at the Broome Museum has been a great hit. Now visitors can see actual casts of the four different types of footprints. There are also audio-visual displays that tell you more about the tracks or you can take a selfie standing next to the footprint of the largest dinosaur in the world (yes found in Broome).

Now we are busy working up some exciting plans for 2021 and beyond — so sign up for our newsletter to get the latest. Remember if you like dinosaurs or think we are doing a good job we are a small not-for-profit 100% volunteer group and we always welcome new members or a small donation.