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Kids Holiday Dinosaur Puppet Workshop Report

Five fun-filled afternoons of dinosaur discovery and puppetry. Supported by Lotterywest.

In this series of five free workshops on the lawns of the Broome Museum, kids learnt about the Broome dinosaur tracks and the dinosaurs who made them. Experienced puppeteers from Big Mama Productions helped the children to construct their dinosaur puppets. 

These workshops are part of the Dinosaur Coast Community Festival — Engaging with Dinosaurs. The children will be invited to perform with their puppets on the streets of Broome during the 2021 Shinju Matsuri Float Parade.

Everyone had a great time and no one was eaten

The Kids produced an extra eight sauropod dinosaur puppets and up to eight of the cutest baby dinosaurs that you would ever want to meet. These new dinosaur puppets will add to our arsenal of dinosaurs for the Shinju Parade.

Thanks heaps to the Broome Museum for allowing our dinosaur puppet creators to use your space. Big thanks to Leong Teoh for running the daily tours and discussions on the Dinosaur Coast tracks and trackmakers. And Big thanks to Gwen Knox, Chris Hill and the Big Mama team.

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