Activities From 2019

Mid-July – Art and Dinosaurs + Field Excursion for Members

Learning from the expert – Photo Kandy Curran

On Saturday 13 July 2019 (in the afternoon) Dr Steve Salisbury will lead a field excursion for DCMG members from Reddell Beach to Entrance Point and explain the findings from his recently published research paper. Details about start time and meeting point will be circulated to all DCMG members closer to the event.

From 14 – 19 July 2019, Angelika Markul, an artist based in Paris who works in videos, video installations, drawings and art objects, is coming to Broome to spend time with Dr Steve Salisbury, palaeontologist, and learn more about our dinosaur tracks so she can create her next video project.

In 2016 Angelika received the COAL prize (awarded by France’s Coalition for Art & Sustainable Development).This is awarded to an artist who “dare(s) to imagine and experiment, to transform territories, lifestyles, organisations, and production methods” ….. and in doing so [creates] the necessary optimistic framework for everyone to find the means and the motivation to implement the changes needed for
a more sustainable and just world.”

5 August 2019 – Erth Dinosaur Zoo is coming to the Broome Civic Centre

On the day of the Erth show we’ll have a display in the Civic Centre foyer and hopefully screen our The Dinosaur Coast film. Maybe afterwards we’ll be able to get up close and personal with the dinosaur puppets.

Details will be published in the ‘Shire News’ section of the Broome Advertiser closer to the event.

Broome North Pre Primary students getting ready for their excursion – Photo Nadia Rebasti

14–19 October 2019 — Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP) Post-Conference Field Trip to Broome

The SVP are holding their annual conference in Brisbane this year (they don’t often hold it outside the USA) and delegates have the option of a post-conference field trip Walking with the Dinosaurs and Swimming with Placoderms in the Kimberley.

We may have up to 20 international palaeontologists in Broome.

While we can’t tag along on their field trip we’ll host a Broome-style welcome.

2019 and beyond – Our Plans

The Shire of Broome has committed to investigating the feasibility of an Interpretive Centre/’Dinosaur Trail’ in 2020–2021. So the Committee has adopted a three-staged approach to improve how we promote and educate the community and visitors about the Dinosaur Coast.

Stage 1 is an eclectic mix of new technology and more orthodox initiatives to bring the Dinosaur Coast story ‘alive’.

We want to create

  • To-scale 3D images of the actual trackmakers (dinosaurs) and the landscape of 130 million years ago.
  • Casts of actual tracks both for display and use on in-school visits.
  • A Dinosaur Tracker (app) so when enthusiasts find a track on the beach they can see what the dinosaur looked like, and
  • We want to improve our school excursions and in-school visits so they contain activities that are linked to the curriculum and are pedagogically sound.

To do all this we hope to employ a part time Project Coordinator.

Stage 2– Now it’s time to walk with the dinosaurs, make sure the Dinosaur Coast story is accessible for all, plus provide resources for the primary school curriculum and prepare a Management Plan for a future Dinosaur Trail.

We would like to strengthen the educational links by creating curriculum-based material suitable for all primary school levels and ensure people with disabilities can enjoy the dinosaur story and experience. A Virtual Reality film will allow everyone to figuratively walk with the dinosaurs. If in Stage 3 we want to develop a Dinosaur Trail, now is the time to work with all stakeholders and prepare a Management Plan.

Stage 3– Here is where we work with the Shire to establish a Dinosaur Interpretive Centre. It should include a research laboratory (room) for use by scientists and schools, and be a place where the community and visitors can engage in palaeontology. Could we aim for a ‘Centre of Excellence’?