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Dinosaurs rule at Broome Primary

We spent a fun hour with the Kindergarten children as they made tracks, felt tracks and worked out how big the Broome dinosaurs were. Having casts of tracks to take with us was really useful. They look so real, with little shells and cracks for everyone to find and comment on.

The Kindergarten classrooms looked fantastic and everyone knew a lot about dinosaurs.

When we finally get our Interpretive Centre and are fitting out the children’s activity rooms, we’ll give teacher Angela a call to come and take charge…

Thanks to Dianne, Lyn, Sandy and Leong for doing all the hard work.

Photos — Sandy Faber and Lyn Marshall

Very carefully making some dinosaur tracks
Many hands checking out a theropod track
Dinosaur world has come to Broome Primary School Kindergarten
This dinosaur footprint is pretty big
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